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Polar Bears in the Arctic

I want to make paintings full of colour, laughter, compassion and love. I want to make paintings that will make people happy.”

Norval Morrisseau

We started off our new winter session at Humbercrest Public School with a Polar Bear project. We were inspired by the great Canadian Artist, Norval Morrisseau to make a ‘spirit bear’. The icy landscape reminded us of the cold outside our windows as we kept warm making art inside.







This project was inspired by a polar bear project on a very inspiring blog by That Artist Woman.

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Penguin Birthday Party

The penguin’s joined in to celebrate at a birthday party this past weekend. We got busy with liquid watercolours and plastic wrap to make our icy background. We then used sponges and acrylic paint to make our icebergs and finished with potato stamps to make our penguin’s. We had a lot of fun. Take a look:







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Getting Tangled with Zentangles

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”

– John W. Gardiner

Zentangles filled our classroom and inspired our Grade 4 – 6 group to create  abstract landscapes.

The term zentangle is used to describe a way of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.

For this project we used permanent pens and reassured our students that there was no need for an eraser.

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Autumn and the New Year

I love this time of year. To me – this is the real new year, back to school and straight into fall. The leaves are starting to change, the weather is getting chillier and the pumpkins are ready to pick.

At Art in Action we are very excited to introduce two new art programs to Humbercrest Public School this fall. For our grade 1 – 3 program we will be working on projects inspired by Picasso, Emily Carr, Georgia O’Keefe and many others. And for our grade 4 – 6 program we will introduce a zentangle landscape, gelatin printing and op-art inspired by Bridget Riley as well as many other projects. We can’t wait to get started on October 1st! Look for many updates to come…


Happy fall!

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The Great Wave of Hokusai

“I have been in love with painting ever since I became conscious of it at the age of six.”

Katsushika Hokusai

Today we were very busy creating our own renditions of the famous woodblock print, The Great Wave, by Hokusai.  Salt and watercolours were used for the background and then the students carved their very own waves and printed them over the background. Take a look:

You can almost feel the salt spray on your face as the waves crash down.

We had a great time…

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Georgia O’Keefe Flowers

“I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty.”

Georgia O’Keefe

The work of Georgia O’Keefe was the inspiration for our large, abstract flowers. It was a great way to distract us from the wet, chilly, soggy day outside our window.

Our students jumped in with both feet and let go of any preconceived notions of what a ‘flower’ had to look like. Take a peek…

I am almost certain Georgia O’Keefe would have given a thumbs up. Happy creating…

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