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Polar Bears in the Arctic

I want to make paintings full of colour, laughter, compassion and love. I want to make paintings that will make people happy.”

Norval Morrisseau

We started off our new winter session at Humbercrest Public School with a Polar Bear project. We were inspired by the great Canadian Artist, Norval Morrisseau to make a ‘spirit bear’. The icy landscape reminded us of the cold outside our windows as we kept warm making art inside.







This project was inspired by a polar bear project on a very inspiring blog by That Artist Woman.

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Penguin Birthday Party

The penguin’s joined in to celebrate at a birthday party this past weekend. We got busy with liquid watercolours and plastic wrap to make our icy background. We then used sponges and acrylic paint to make our icebergs and finished with potato stamps to make our penguin’s. We had a lot of fun. Take a look:







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A New Year and a New School – Swansea Public School

We are so excited to be starting 2013 in a new school, Swansea Public School!

We can’t wait to introduce our winter session and start working with watercolours, acrylic paint, printing inks, charcoal and many other materials. Some of the artists we will learn about include: Georgia O’Keefe, Morrisseau, and Cezanne.

To download a copy of our registration form please click on this link: Swansea Registration Form online. Please fill out and return to  school as soon as possible as space is limited.

If you have any questions about our program at Swansea or need any further assistance, please contact us at:

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