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Finishing with a ‘Pop’, Andy Warhol

“Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”

Andy Warhol

During our last session at Humbercrest we explored the work of the iconic, Andy Warhol. We looked at his early commercial art and went through his career focussing on his ‘Pop Portraits’. Each student picked a celebrity and made their own portraits. Take a look:

A special thank you to all of our enthusiastic and creative students, you inspire us!

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Gustav Klimt, Tree of Life

“Art is a line around your thoughts.”

Gustav Klimt

We turned our classroom into a printing shop on Monday. We used brayers and printing ink on carved foam and worked on our ‘own’ Tree of Life masterpieces inspired by Gustav Klimt.

The students experimented with their prints before making their master print:

They learned how much ink to use and that rolling your brayer in many different directions ensures that the ink is evenly distributed.

Let’s take a look at a few of their finished pieces:

The students applied finishing touches to their pieces with gold and silver pens.

I am always inspired by the variety of final images the students create…great job by all!

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