Polar Bears in the Arctic

I want to make paintings full of colour, laughter, compassion and love. I want to make paintings that will make people happy.”

Norval Morrisseau

We started off our new winter session at Humbercrest Public School with a Polar Bear project. We were inspired by the great Canadian Artist, Norval Morrisseau to make a ‘spirit bear’. The icy landscape reminded us of the cold outside our windows as we kept warm making art inside.







This project was inspired by a polar bear project on a very inspiring blog by That Artist Woman.

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Penguin Birthday Party

The penguin’s joined in to celebrate at a birthday party this past weekend. We got busy with liquid watercolours and plastic wrap to make our icy background. We then used sponges and acrylic paint to make our icebergs and finished with potato stamps to make our penguin’s. We had a lot of fun. Take a look:







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A New Year and a New School – Swansea Public School

We are so excited to be starting 2013 in a new school, Swansea Public School!

We can’t wait to introduce our winter session and start working with watercolours, acrylic paint, printing inks, charcoal and many other materials. Some of the artists we will learn about include: Georgia O’Keefe, Morrisseau, and Cezanne.

To download a copy of our registration form please click on this link: Swansea Registration Form online. Please fill out and return to  school as soon as possible as space is limited.

If you have any questions about our program at Swansea or need any further assistance, please contact us at: artinactiontoronto@gmail.com

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Holiday Art Making

We really got into the Christmas spirit this week as we captured the beauty of a decorated tree at night. All of our students worked really hard on their watercolour paper decorations and while we waited for the paint to dry they got to work on their pine boughs with oil pastels. I love how all of the decorations are unique…







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Ellsworth Kelly and a Short Lesson on Design

“Simple, I don’t like the word simple. I like easy better. I want to forget about the technique. I sweat and worry but I don’t want it look like that; but you can’t separate the artist and his technique.

– Ellsworth Kelly

The American painter, Ellsworth Kelly was the inspiration for our grid creations. He was very well-known for his colour-grid paintings and abstract work.

We also had a look through the book, “A Book About Design: Complicated Doesn’t Make it Good”, by Mark Gonyea.  The author uses a really creative approach to explain design concepts. I would highly recommend this book to students of any age.

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Our Own Take on Kandinsky

“Everything starts from a dot.”

Wassily Kandinsky

Kandinsky was one of the first artists to create completely abstract (non-representational) art. Due to his special ability to hear colours (called synaesthesia cognate) his pieces made no reference to the natural world. We were inspired by his piece Several Circles to create our own abstract piece.

Our classroom was very quiet while the students were creating these. Perhaps they could hear the music Kandinsky could see?


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Bridget Riley – Op Art

“I work with nature, although in completely new terms.”

– Bridget Riley

Optical art is a style of visual art that makes use of optical illusions. The artist, Bridget Riley was our inspiration today. We had fun looking at her op art creations and seeing the movement and illusion contained within. Then it was our turn to create an optical illusion with lines and curves.


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Exploring Emily Carr

“Trees love to toss and sway; they make such happy noises.”

– Emily Carr

This week our grade 1 – 3 group tried our Emily Carr landscape project. The students enjoyed learning about her love for the outdoors and admired the way she captured the beauty of Canada.

We started with sponges and blue paint and created movement across the sky with our paint strokes. Our inspiration for this project was her painting, Blue Sky. Have a look at their versions: 


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Kandinsky – Circles

“There is no must in art because art if free.”

– Wassily Kandinsky

The inspiration for our piece today was the artist,  Wassily Kandinsky. We spent some time looking through his work and were inspired by his art that focussed on circles. Our inspiration was Several Circles.We created our very own art journal pages using the circle as our framework.

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Klee – Castles and Sun

“A line is a dot that went for a walk.”

– Paul Klee

Our grade 1 – 3 class became the architect’s of their own castles this week. We spoke about the Swiss artist, Paul Klee and studied his many paintings. A few favourites included: Red Balloon 1922, Individualized Altimetry of Stripes 1930 and The Goldfish.

I love their creativity and free-form style.

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